Top 5 Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is a country composed of animated scenes which include modern cities which are crowded with tuk-tuks and motorbikes, ancient ruins, Buddhist temples, blue lagoons among other many scenes. It is such things that make the country favorite for tourists and visitors touring Southeast Asia. Some of the best places to pay a visit in Thailand include:

Thailand Islands

These are the islands alongside Thailand coast and are popularly known worldwide from the beautiful beaches with others known also for gorgeous scenery as well as the popularity from the atmosphere offered, party atmosphere. Thailand has three distinct sets. Bangkok east side has Ko Chang and Ko Samet, Ko Samui Gulf there is Koh Tao and Koh Pha Ngan and finally in Ko Phi and Andaman Phuket. The most developed as well as the largest of all islands is Phuket. It is connected by 2 bridges to mainland.


This is the capital city of Thailand and also the country’s largest city. Bangkok is a city of bustling streets and markets, glittering nightclubs, ancient temples, magnificent palaces and high raised buildings. The streets are ever parked with hawkers hawking tantalizing foods and souvenirs. Although just like any other city Bangkok is packed with air pollution and noisy traffic, it has the natural beauty visible in the flowering plants, green spaces and remaining canals. Khao San most famous street for tourists’ offers cheap nightlife, dining and shopping–read article on thailand is the best.

Chiang Mai

This is a flourishing town surrounded by Northern Thailand Mountains and its mostly used to base tourists and backpackers who want to explore outdoor adventures, hill tribes and lush landscapes. The city is large and known for its cultural importance as it houses both modern and historical architectures as well as where traditions are found. As you walk around that city, you get a restoration of the walls built historically as well as Buddhist temples.


A scenic place situated on the western part of Thailand widely admired because of the accessibility to waterfalls and national parks and also because of the beautiful scenery. Form history, the place has popularity because of River Kwai Bridge which is associated with the death of the Asian laborers who died during world war 11. Outside that area, you get national parks such as Srinagarind and Erawan national parks that give the place the awesome scenery with caves and waterfalls.


This is city was founded back in the year 1350 with its location being Thailand valley of River Chao Phraya. The site is located in a region surrounded with 3 rivers all connected to Siam Gulf. A king called U Thong made it the Ayuthaya capital of that kingdom which is popularly called Siam. It was one time referred to as the magnificent city worldwide with its 1 million population, three palaces, plus 400 temples and impressive site. It is in the year 1767 that the capital was moved to the current capital, Bangkok, after an attack. The ruins which remained currently make great attraction site for visitors. From Bangkok, you use a bus or train or boat about 50 miles.

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